Bringing Order to Chaos

Veloxxity enables our clients to take advantage of emerging AI capabilities while minimizing the risk of "over subscribing" to the latest trends.  Our team and technology partners focus on our client's business objectives to develop unbiased solutions that achieve real, tangible results.

To achieve success, Veloxxity focuses on three critical areas:

  • ModelOps
  • Data Hygiene
  • Critical Skills
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Veloxxity is a Modzy Service & Consulting partner.  Our team works closely with Modzy to deliver Model Operations from model induction to model deployment while providing increased enterprise visibility and quality assurance.

The Modzy ModelOps platform generates immediate results. 15X faster AI deployment and the ability to add AI power to any business application with fewer than five lines of code. Veloxxity integrates Modzy into your AI roadmap to enable performance management, track KPI's and help you achieve your ROI.

Modzy ModelOps

Data Hygiene

Veloxxity assists our clients ensuring their data is ready for AI.  We analyze your data from completeness, accuracy, relevancy and correctness to enable your AI to achieve desired outcomes.  We prevent "garbage in, garbage out" with robust tools and practices to clean and condition data for use in your AI enabled processes.

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Critical Skills

Great successes are the result of hard work by great team members.  Veloxxity delivers experts across the AI skills spectrum to enable projects from start to finish.  From strategy to coding, our team is fully capable and empowered to make great things happen for our clients.

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Process Analysts

Our Process Analysts analyze our client's business processes and workflows with the objective of determining opportunities for improvement. 

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Data Scientists

Our Data Scientists answer complex questions with by gathering and analyzing large sets of structured and unstructured data

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Model Engineers

Veloxxity Model Engineers code AI models using machine learning algorithms and deep learning neural networks automate business insights.

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Quality Engineers

Our Quality Engineers focus on achieving the desired outcomes through Model Training, testing and validation.