Veloxxity's family of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) solutions enable your organization to forecast change and adapt smartly.  Our OSINT solutions leverage open source data and proprietary models empowered by Artificial Intelligence to quickly parse through Big Data and deliver valuable, contextual answers to your most pressing information requirements.


Collection Strategy

Veloxxity empowers your OSINT mission with collection strategies designed to take advantage of publicly and commercially available information and the application of select systematic methods and approaches.


Data Acquistion

Our team is ready to assist in identifying, gathering and organizing data from multiple sources - from bespoke, curated data sets to large commercially available data sets and everything in between.



Veloxxity delivers decision support using OSINT by extracting insights, identifying patterns, and drawing conclusions to tactical and strategic information requirements.

Our Partners

Social Threat Intelligence.
High side security with low side agility.

Mission Partner OSINT Integration

Veloxxity enables an integrated and mutually supportive mission partner intelligence enterprise to meet individual and collective warfighting and intelligence needs.

Veloxxity assists mission partners to marshal talent and resources around three goals:

  • People: Enhance the OSINT profession
  • Interoperability: Create a common allied OSINT environment
  • Integration: Mission sharing to deliver OSINT

Veloxxity assists mission partners to define problems in the same way and develop common approaches to problem-solving. Solutions are more easily replicated to fit the needs of all partners as a result.

Mission Partner OSINT Integration

Strategic OSINT

Veloxxity's strategic OSINT offering, Strategic Competition OAI Recon & Exploitation (SCORE), is a comprehensive, model driven approach, using Strategic Competitor Operations, Investments and Activities (OAI) open source data to capture Indications and Warnings (I&W) on a “single plane of glass” with the ability to aggregate and disaggregate views of OAI geospatially, organizationally, institutionally, and across critical infrastructures.

SCORE delivers the ability sense strategic competitor engagement foci, engagement cadence, engagement proximity to Diplomatic, Information, Military, Economic, Financial, Intelligence and Law Enforcement (DIMEFIL) pillars of power and the mechanisms they are using.  Additionally, the SCORE leverages AL/ML to provide predictions, built from historical data and known data, on outcomes of adversarial OAI and their long-term impacts.


Private Intelligence Agency Services

Veloxxity provides services to a wide range of clients, including individuals, corporations, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. We leverage our expertise in OSINT and intelligence operations to provide answers to our clients most pressing questions by gathering and analyzing information that assist clients in making informed decisions, mitigating risks, and addressing security concerns. Our services include:

  1. Investigations: Veloxxity conducts various types of investigations, such as background checks, due diligence investigations, fraud investigations, and corporate espionage investigations.
  2. Risk Assessment: Veloxxity assesses security risks and vulnerabilities for businesses and individuals, helping clients identify potential threats and develop strategies to mitigate them. This can include evaluating physical security measures, cybersecurity, and personnel security.
  3. Security Consulting: Veloxxity offers security consulting services, helping clients develop security protocols, crisis management plans, and emergency response strategies to protect assets and personnel.
  4. Due Diligence: Veloxxity conducts due diligence on potential business partners, employees, or investment opportunities to ensure that clients are making informed decisions.
  5. Political and Geopolitical Analysis: Analyzing political and geopolitical developments that may impact clients' interests, investments, or operations in various regions.
  6. Threat Intelligence: Providing clients with information about emerging threats, such as terrorism, political instability, or civil unrest, and helping them develop strategies to protect their interests.

Veloxxity operates within the bounds of the law and adheres to ethical standards to protect ourselves and our clients.


Veloxxity in the Wild!

Intelligence in the wild.

We help our clients leverage OSINT to make their other intelligence assets better.