Forging Partnerships through Excellence in Delivery.

Veloxxity keeps your promises.  We understand that building relationships requires trust that is only earned by keeping one's word.  We provide cradle to grave program execution that includes design, procurement, setup & delivery, training, operational support, maintenance and warranty support.

CAMP TAJI, Iraq - Hakem, an Iraqi Army private, directs U.S. and IA Soldiers as they drive M1114 HMMWVs from the Taji Redistribution Property Assistance Team HMMWV yard here recently to the next staging point on the Iraqi part of the camp. The RPAT works with Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq to turn over up-armored HMMWVs that will be sold to the Iraqi government for use by IA and Iraqi Police. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Dilia Ayala)

Foriegn Military Sales

Veloxxity delivers Mission Partner capacity building solutions to enable interoperability between partners against regional and global threats to peace and security.  Our team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have extensive experience in building relationships and developing the force to achieve shared goals.

Bogota, Colombia - May 01, 2016: Armed riot police on the streets of Bogota

Foreign Assistance Programs

Veloxxity delivers specialized intelligence, security and law enforcement equipment and training to enable US Mission Partners to in promote peace and stability within their countries.

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