Veloxxity's family of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) solutions enable your organization to forecast change and adapt smartly using publicly available data.  Our OSINT team helps you get to decision dominance faster and at lower cost using open source data and commercially available analytics tools that help you better use traditional intelligence resources for your most challenging requirements.


Data Acquistion

Veloxxity works with our customers to identify, gather and organize data from multiple sources - from bespoke, curated data sets to large commercially available data sets and everything in between.



Veloxxity delivers decision support using OSINT by extracting insights, identifying patterns, and drawing conclusions to tactical and strategic information requirements.


Veloxxity's OSINT training equips individuals at all levels of your organization with the skills and knowledge needed to gather, analyze, and utilize publicly available information from various online sources. Our comprehensive training program covers a wide range of topics, including advanced search techniques, social media analysis, data mining, and digital footprint assessment. Participants learn how to use specialized tools and software to efficiently collect and interpret data, ensuring they can make informed decisions and enhance their investigative capabilities. Our experienced trainers provide hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios to ensure practical application of the concepts taught. This service is ideal for professionals in law enforcement, intelligence, cybersecurity, journalism, and research who seek to harness the power of open-source intelligence in their respective fields.

Mission Partner OSINT Integration

Veloxxity enables an integrated and mutually supportive mission partner intelligence enterprise to meet individual and collective warfighting and intelligence needs.

Veloxxity assists mission partners to marshal talent and resources around three goals:

  • People: Enhance the OSINT profession
  • Interoperability: Create a common allied OSINT environment
  • Integration: Mission sharing to deliver OSINT

Veloxxity assists mission partners to define problems in the same way and develop common approaches to problem-solving. Solutions are more easily replicated to fit the needs of all partners as a result.

Mission Partner OSINT Integration

Veloxxity SCORE

Veloxxity enables leaders to make strategic decisions about how best to apply their resources in order to gain a competitive edge.  Our AI enabled framework, Strategic Competition OAI Recon & Exploitation (SCORE), is a comprehensive, model driven approach to assess the impact of your competition's efforts in light of your strategic objectives.

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SCORE delivers the ability sense strategic competitor engagement foci, engagement cadence, engagement proximity to Diplomatic, Information, Military, Economic, Financial, Intelligence and Law Enforcement (DIMEFIL) pillars of power and the mechanisms they are using.  Additionally, the SCORE leverages AL/ML to provide predictions, built from historical data and known data, on outcomes of adversarial OAI and their long-term impacts.

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Veloxxity in the Wild!

Intelligence in the wild.

We help our clients leverage OSINT to make their other intelligence assets better.